Are there any active Insider Threat subreddits?


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My response is from a cyber security perspective. I'm also aware of the process of detecting insiders, but i can't go into that subject because of non-disclosure.

Insider detection is a different game than normal SIEM monitoring. Apart from the risk indicators (financial problems, life changing events like death/divorce, disgruntled by a lack of promotion) you need to look for things that enable exfiltration and that can take many forms, normal logging do not cut it.

I really have no resource to point you towards but to IT Forensics. Many times when information is suspected of having been stolen/leaked to a competitor, you get an alert from about that via media that someone has create a very similar product, maybe they hired a former employee of yours. Then the whole forensics process with lawyers and carving disks and such starts to (try to) determine the legality of the information (i.e. developed legally inhouse or if it suddenly popped into existence).

I've written some insider detection tools that capture exfiltration in the act by triggering om specific evens (inserting USB devices, printing documents, visits to cloud drives), and while they work, they also produce lots of false positives. These kinds of tools need to be individual specific and only activated on high risk employees.

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