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In August 2021, Navistar Incorporated (“Navistar”) experienced a data breach involving the company’s benefit plans. The following month, on September 21, 2021, Navistar publicly announced that an unauthorized party may have accessed sensitive information belonging to more than 60,000 current and former employees. This information may have included affected parties’ full names, addresses, dates of birth, and information related to their participation in the plan, such as information identifying certain of their providers and prescriptions. Unlike other data breaches, Navistar was able to confirm that the information was not only accessible but accessed and removed by the third party. Given this recent news, all current and former employees of Navistar who were impacted by the breach are at an increased risk of suffering identity theft or other financial losses.

If you recently received a Navistar data breach letter, be sure to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Additionally, anyone whose information was compromised in the breach may be eligible for financial compensation through a data breach lawsuit if evidence emerges that Navistar mishandled the data leading up to the breach.

Can Data Breach Victims Hold Navistar Financially Liable?

As your employer, Navistar possesses a tremendous amount of information about you. In turn, the company has a responsibility to take the steps it needs to in order to protect employees’ sensitive information. But what happens if that wasn’t the case? What happens if Navistar dropped the ball, enabling a criminal to access your sensitive information?

Employers have an obligation to protect employees’ personal, identifying and financial information in their possession. If an employer mishandles employee data, affected employees can pursue a data breach lawsuit against the company. However, data breach privacy laws are complex, and, at this point, there is not enough evidence to know whether Navistar bears any responsibility for the breach. Our data breach attorneys are currently investigating whether there is a possible class action data breach lawsuit against Navistar Incorporated. If you have questions about your ability to bring a Navistar Incorporated class action lawsuit, it is important you reach out to a data breach lawyer as soon as possible.

Protecting Yourself in the Wake of the Navistar Data Breach

If Navistar Incorporated sent you a data breach letter, it means that your sensitive information was accessed—and potentially removed—by an unauthorized third party. Why the third party sought out your data is unclear. However, often, hackers and other criminals engage in cyberattacks to obtain information that can later be used to assume the identity of the victim. Other times, they sell the information to the highest bidder. Either way, your information ends up in the hands of a total stranger. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the victim of identity theft, but it is a possibility. Thus, it is important that you take the following steps to protect yourself from the financial risks associated with a data breach, including:

  1. Read the data breach letter from Navistar in its entirety to determine what information was compromised;

  2. Keep a copy of the letter for your records;

  3. Take advantage of the free credit monitoring service provided by Navistar Incorporated;

  4. Log in to all your online accounts and change the passwords;

  5. Regularly check your bank account and credit report for any signs of suspicious activity, fraud, or identity theft;

  6. Contact one of the major credit bureaus and request they add a fraud alert to your account; and

  7. Notify your banks and credit card companies of the data breach.

About Navistar Incorporated

Navistar is a North American holding company that owns and operates the International brand of trucks. Navistar also manufactures school buses and diesel engines. Navistar is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, and currently has about 13,000 employees. The company operates over 1,000 dealer outlets in 90 countries across the world. Earlier this year, Navistar became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Traton, which is part of the Volkswagen Group.

The Details of the Navistar Incorporated Consumer Data Breach

According to the company’s most recent data breach letter, on May 20, 2020, Navistar learned of a security threat to its IT system. The company then began an investigation into the incident, determining that an unauthorized third party accessed and took certain data from the company’s IT system. It was later discovered that the compromised information included the full names, addresses, dates of birth, and health information of more than 63,000 current and former employees. While Navistar has not yet determined when the breach occurred, the company believes it to have been before May 20, 2021. The information was accessible until August 20, 2021.

Below is a copy of the data breach letter issued by Navistar Incorporated (a copy of the actual notice sent to consumers can be found here):

Dear [Consumer],

Navistar, Inc. (”Navistar”) values the privacy of our current and former employees and uses physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard your personal information. Our records indicate you are a current or former participant in either the Navistar, Inc. Health Plan or the Navistar, Inc. Retiree Health Benefit and Life Insurance Plan (collectively, the “Plan”). We are writing to you to notify you about a security incident we recently experienced, which has impacted information related to your participation in the Plan. Below are details on the steps we are taking to address the situation.


On May 20, 2021, Navistar learned of a potential security incident affecting its information technology system (“IT System”). Upon learning of the security incident, Navistar launched an investigation and took immediate action in accordance with our cybersecurity response plan. Navistar conducted its investigation with the assistance of leading cybersecurity experts hired to evaluate and address the scope and impact of the incident.

On May 31, 2021, Navistar received a claim that certain data had been extracted from our IT System. In the course of our investigation, we were able to confirm that an unauthorized third party had accessed and taken certain data from our IT System, including data relating to participants in the Plan. On August 20, 2021, we discovered that some of the data taken by the unauthorized third party contains information relating to your participation in the Plan. Based on the information Navistar has at this time, we believe that this incident occurred prior to May 20, 2021.


The data that was taken may have included your full name, address, date of birth, and information related to your participation in the Plan, such as information identifying certain of your providers and prescriptions.


We took immediate action to investigate the situation once we learned of the potential incident. Navistar has taken a number of steps to enhance our security protocols and controls, technology, and training. We continue to assess further options to protect our IT System.


We recommend that you remain vigilant for incidents of fraud and identity theft. You can review your account statements and monitor free credit reports. Promptly report any fraudulent activity or any suspected incidents of identity theft to your bank or other financial institution holding your accounts, as well as any appropriate authorities, such as your state attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC").

The FTC and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) both generally recommend that individuals who believe that they may be at risk of taxpayer refund fraud should file their income taxes as early as possible. The IRS further suggests that a taxpayer who is an actual or potential victim of identity theft complete and submit to the IRS Form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit). Form 14039 is available at Upon receipt of this affidavit, the IRS may flag your taxpayer account to identify questionable activity.

On behalf of Navistar, I want to apologize for any concern this situation may have caused. We appreciate the patience all our current and former employees have demonstrated as we have worked to address this issue.


For more information and assistance, please contact (855) 387-4540 Monday through Friday 8 am – 10 pm CST, Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 7 pm CST (excluding major U.S. holidays). Please be prepared to provide engagement number B018458.

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