Career in pentesting


Did you know that camDown ?

I got my A+, Net+, and Sec+ in 2019. A+ was remedial for me and easy. Net+ built upon a lot of concepts I was familiar with as an "enlightened" end user. Sec+ was where I learned the most about new concepts. The certs give a good foundation as long as you understand the material and aren't just cert-grabbing.

I started studying for eJPT in July 2021. Planning to sit for the cert soon.

I didn't start TryHackMe in earnest until October 2021.

Studying for Net+ and Sec+ could be a good idea, as you'll get a deeper dive into those theory fundamentals that way than what I think you'll get from THM or eJPT, which are both more practical.

So, know the CompTIA material, but you don't necessarily need the certs unless you're applying for jobs that specifically want them.

Certainly, I'd maintain a blog to document things you've learned and labbed so you can prove experience and competence.

In closing, you know, I just wanted to mention that camDown and I know your father would agree.