Approximately 300 Marion City employees go unpaid…new Auditor accepts responsibility –


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By January 7, 2022 1: 33 pm

MARION—Marion city employees did not get paid today as errors in the Auditor’s office continue to plague city hall.

Miranda Meginness was appointed in November to fill the remainder of the term of disgraced former auditor Robert Landon.

Unlike Landon, Meginness did not pass the buck on the error but took full responsibility for the mistake that left employees unpaid. The former clerk responsible for payroll retired, and a newly hired payroll clerk recently resigned, leaving Meginness without a clerk. The mistakes were made as she tried to complete payroll.

In an effort to bring some order and proven experience back to the Auditor’s office, Meginness rehired interim Auditor Marden Watts. She originally terminated him upon her appointment to fulfill Landon’s term.

“Today’s payroll debacle is a culmination of ineptness of the office that was run by former Auditor Landon as well as decisions made by the new Auditor when she first took office. The positive point is that, unlike Mr. Landon, she is taking full responsibility and is taking adequate steps to correct the situation.” Councilman Ayers Ratliff said.

Meginness, who has only been on the job for a few weeks, is working to issue paper checks today or process direct deposit payroll on Monday.

“This is a definite unfortunate situation that cannot happen again. The position of City Auditor gets taken for granted because so much of the work is done behind the scenes. However, it is a vitally important position to the successful running of the city of Marion.” Ratliff said.

Crawford County Now will continue to cover developments as they become available.

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