Prosecutors file additional charges against former Uber security chief over 2016 data breach ‘cover up’


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Uber is a very unethical company at best, and arguably a criminal organization from top to bottom.

The original founder/ceo stepped down from his position for promoting a "sexist/bro" culture.

Their IPO valuation was centered around what their profitability would be if they had self driving cars and didn't have to pay drivers. i don't get how the SEC let them file like that. They cut their self driving car program after one of them killed a pedestrian.

They received a lot of funding from the SoftBank VC group, who also tried cooking the books for the WeWork IPO. They receive a lot of money from Saudi Arabia. If you want to know why your Uber was so much cheaper than a normal cab, it's because the ride was subsidized by VC companies.

Here in Chicago, with less money being spent on public transit, there is less funding and the services have gotten worse. At the same time the streets are congested with Uber and Lyft drivers, some of them with out of state plates. They are by far the most impatient and dangerous drivers on the road. There is no way to report them to authorities, if it was a normal cab there is a website you can go to report them. I've taken photos of uber drivers using the bike lane to skirt traffic multiple times, and unless you are the paying customer, they don't really care about you. Almost all the times I've been nearly hit by a car riding a bicycle or motorcycle it's been an Uber driver.

I prefer taking cabs because I don't want to give them my money, but now there are less cabs, and cabs have gotten sleezy, like they don't want to run the meter and instead ask for a flat fee.

I would love to see them get regulated into bankruptcy. It sucks that if that were to happen at this point the original VC's have made their money and the hit would be on everyday shareholders.

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