Epic fail from MS Defender


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Whatever they found, either has been corrected in engine, or is more complicated than the tweet is discussing.Got a concrete hit (AKA static detection) on EICAR, no muss, no fuss.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus has detected malware or other potentially unwanted software.

For more information please see the following:


Name: Virus:DOS/EICAR_Test_File

ID: 2147519003

Severity: Severe

Category: Virus

Path: file:_C:\Users\REDACTED\Desktop\DumpStack.log

Detection Origin: Local machine

Detection Type: Concrete

Detection Source: Real-Time Protection


Process Name: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

Security intelligence Version: AV: 1.355.1519.0, AS: 1.355.1519.0, NIS: 1.355.1519.0

Engine Version: AM: 1.1.18800.4, NIS: 1.1.18800.4

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