Best roadmap to go from beginner to workforce in Cybersecurity. Help me pursue my dreams!


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Hello fine people of r/cybersecurity. I come here desperately seeking your guidance.

A little about myself, I am currently enrolled in college, and I am working towards a degree in electrical engineering/ computer engineering. I also work in the semiconductor industry currently as a lead engineer and have about 7 years of experience.

My overall goal is to be able to work remotely so that I can live in the places that I would like and raise my family there (remote Alaska or Montana off-grid w/ internet of course [hopefully Starlink pans out]). There are obviously limitations to this and only certain career paths that allow this lifestyle. One of those career paths that interests me is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity interests me because I enjoy solving problems and troubleshooting, but it sounds like there are niches that don't require coding the entire day like software development.

I don't want to change my degree path, as electrical engineering is more of a long-term hobby for me (an entirely different rabbit hole too long to go down). But in the meantime, I would like to spend the next two years or so building a very solid knowledge and certification base in cybersecurity that would make me hirable, while pursuing my engineering degree.

What is the best roadmap for this that you know of? I would like to do it entirely online. It looks like CompTIA offers a good foundational course to get certified as a CompTIA Network + and Security +. I would like the CISSP eventually, but it requires quite a few years in the industry.

Did any of you start your career by learning it online? If so, what pathway did you choose? What are the best certifications that I should go for first? Are there any online courses or bootcamps for beginners that you know would provide what I am searching for? Any roadmaps that offer what I'm searching for?

One pathway I see so far is the IBM cybersecurity analyst certificate followed up by the CompTIA Security + and Network + certifications.

Any advice and help is appreciated!

P.S. Please save the hazing for another time, I understand that I may be saying stuff that doesn't make sense or that sounds dumb, I am here peacefully seeking help so that I can better prepare myself for the future and pursue my dream.

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