How did you find your way into cyber security.


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Started off in IT desktop support. After about 2 years, applied for a position in security and was denied. Looking back it made sense, while I knew a lot about reverse engineering and malware analysis I had no previous professional experience to put on my resume. Apparently reversing video games to write hacks dont count πŸ˜› Anyhow, because the only thing that truly motivates me is anger, I decided to start looking for courses to take. Ended up taking SANS Reverse engineering malware course and got certified. Even though I had a lot of experience since around 1995 reversing games, I did learn a lot of new techniques in that course. So I decided to also take the Advqnced Penetration Testing and Exploit Development course and got certified in that.

Since I had a couple pieces of paper saying I knew at least the basics, my next move was to get visibility. I searched the company GAL in Outlook to see who was in security. Then I took a look at what was missing in terms of the security at my current location. I found I was able to hop vlans and record the calls using wireshark. I sent an email to the IR manager explaining what I had found and how they could reproduce the results for themselves. After talking the the IR manager for a while (over the course of a few months) there still wasn't a position open, so I ended up applying to another company and landing the spot! I gave my 2 weeks notice then emailed the IR manager letting him know I had been hired elsewhere. He was able to force upper management to make a counter offer and I've worked in security ever since. I've been in IR, then I moved into Threat Intel and finally landed in Application Security (Penetration Testing).

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