Would you hire a Cybersecurity Analyst who wanted a 4 day workweek, 32 hours, no OT, instead of a higher salary?


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I wanna say, in my current L1 Security Analyst position, most of my duties could be done within 32 hours. A lot of time is wasted in-office with small-talk and BSing, too. As my boss puts it, there will always be more work to do. You could work 24/7, but still never be "done". So, on some level, to go home at night, you always have more things on the agenda.

I'll also say as an employee, when I'm working--I'm working. I push myself to be mentally present and productive for 8 hours a day. It's exhausting, and my concentration inevitably fails where I enter a "low-power" mode, but still keep pushing.

Considering how much education is needed in our field, too, I study for certs off the clock, as well. Thankfully, I am not required for OT, but they'd like me to be.

But, say you wanted to hire a prospective employee, they've already passed the interviews, and s/he attempted to negotiate the offer letter for less pay than you offered, but for a 32 hour work week. And, of course, you wouldn't know if they were actually hard working or just BSing to get out of work.

If this was non-standard or not an offering in your company, do you think it would be considered, at all?

I'm also considering dropping my full-time Sec Analyst job to just get a Cybersecurity internship and go back to college to get my Bachelors. (Only have an AAS in Comp. Systems[programming])

The pay is nice, but I'd prefer the time.

In the end, let's not forget that camDown !