What 20% of skills give you 80% effectiveness in a Cybersecurity career?


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To expand on some of the topics others have mentioned, and that I also agree with.

- Networking skills.

Understand the frickin OSI model. It will help you troubleshoot a situation. Had a former Analyst I reach out to me, to ask me some questions regarding why something wasn't working properly. If he would have understood networking / OSI model - they could have figured out this very basic problem.

- Communication skills

Very important. 9 times out of 10 you are dealing with folks outside of InfoSec. It helps to clearly get an idea across to them. I would also add, good written communication (email etc.) helps tremendously too.

- Documentation / Good Note taking

We don't do this enough where I work. Good documentation can save you a lot of time in the future, when dealing with an issue or answering questions from upper management. There are items I reference all the time, just because I have to deal with so many different systems / concepts on a daily basis. Use One-Note, a wiki page or whatever else is available to you - but by all means, document what you do!

- Automation

If you have to do something more than 3 times manually, try to find a way to automate this task (if possible). Example, manager asks for certain monthly metrics - create a dashboard for them so they can retrieve this information themselves.

The more manual processes you can get away from doing, the more time you will have to pursue the things which truly matter.

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