SOC Tier 2 Salary?


As you well know !

Hi folks, I am putting everything here in USD as I think majority of this community is American.

I currently am in negotiations with my employer about a new wage and feel like they think I am crazy. Minimum wage here is $12/hour. I currently am being paid $14/hour. I asked to go up to $20/hour and I think they looked at me like I kicked their dog. It made me wonder, what am I supposed to be getting paid?

I am the only analyst with this organization, I handle all incident response, threat hunting, patch updates, manage our endpoint AV and communicate with vendors, as well as handle all investigations. I have been with this organization for over a year, it is my only experience in the industry. I have been lurking this sub and noticing especially recently that the posts in this sub have been about SOC burn out, unable to move up, how to move up, not able to get a SOC job. Is my situation normal and the standard? Do I need a reality check? My local livable wage is $20/hour so I figured I would ask for that. Was I unreasonable?

PS. Sorry for the throwaway, just want to mitigate any chance of trouble in the future.

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