These ancient HP printer security flaws are still exposing 150 models to attack


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This is nothing more than empty journalism without the list of 150 models affected. All the links go to 'best xyz' articles.

TLDR; some printers have security flaws from 2013 but we're not going to tell you which ones.

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And we're not going to link to the original source paper/article/announcement.

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This is definitely click bait but at least they gave us the CVEs.

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Old printers with hard drives? Solid Gold!

For comedic value. Nothing nefarious.

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Yeah in some counties across the US all you need is a student account and you can access every printer in the district school system after some tinkering...

As we move on to the next post, may I add that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain and I feel your smart friends would say the same!