Is a Master’s in Cybersecurity worth it?


Did you know that camDown ?

Hey everyone!

I currently work as a network security engineer for a big tech company since the past 2 years. I'm planning to move to the US and take up a job there in the future. I was looking at pursuing a master's degree in cybersecurity from a US university, I've been looking at Maryland University and some security programs at USC, Georgia Tech etc. I'm quite passionate about security and lately been having a lot of doubts and working on transitioning to a more fulfilling cyber role than writing policies and managing network security infra.

  • Is MS in security a good option? Will I be able to move to software development or other IT roles in the future with a master's in security if I feel burnout in cybersec later on?

  • Will my experience as a network security engineer along with a master's degree in Cybersec be good to get a job in a big tech company in the US? Ofcourse I'll be working on certs and I'm always making side projects, writing blogs and practicing on tryhackme, hackthebox etc. to further strengthen my profile. I'm primarily interested in blue team and defensive roles currently.

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