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GC Angels dealmaker outlines growth intentions

Jess Jackson

The head of investment at GC Angels, who was among the winners at Insider's North West Dealmakers Awards 2021, has outlined her intentions for the firm to continue growing in the next year.

Jess Jackson was recognised as the Emerging Dealmaker of the Year at the awards for her work at the Manchester-based investment company.

Speaking to Insider, Jackson said she hopes GC Angels can raise some "significant funding" and "scale up" the number of transaction it is involved with.

Reflecting on the current year, Jackson said: "It might seem to be a buoyant market, but it's not necessarily positive as a lot of businesses are coming out of Covid and they're not in a position of strength to raise finance.

"We will see the effects of Covid for a good while and of Brexit.

"I do still see an impact from Covid for the next 12 months. 

"It will also be interesting to see how things such as remote working impacts.

"It could result in changing trends where businesses have different plans for growth."

In the last 12 months, Jackson said just more than £7m, has been raised, with the biggest transaction being £3.5m.

Among its transactions have involved Xploro, a platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients.

It aimed to raise more than £1.5m to expand in the US following a funding round led by GC Angels.

Meanwhile Simplifai, an AI company with bases in Huddersfield and Newcastle, has secured a £250,000 co-investment from an angel investor, GC Angels and E2E Capital Ventures to establish new premises to develop its technology in Manchester and open an AI Research Centre in the North of England.  

CAPSLOCK Education, a cyber-security education institute based in Manchester, secured £540,000 in a pre-seed funding round from GC Angels.

Jackson added: "Going into next year we want to raise some significant funding to enable us to do what we have been doing but at a greater scale.

"Consistently transactions are at 13,14.15 deals a year and we want to scale that up and break 20 plus transactions."

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