Career advice – threat detection


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I work in cybersec for 5 years as a threat detection engineer in MSSP SOC. I love my current type of work, but sometimes I think about what will be relevant in the future. Currently, my work mainly includes reviewing threat intel, testing exploits/exploding malware, data analysis and finally development, deployment and tuning of detection rules. I also do a lot of automation using SOAR systems and sometimes IR.

That said, I lack hands on experience with any type of hardening, code reviews, pentesting, patching, assessments etc.

As you can tell, my role is very passive - working with data only. I am afraid vendors will become so good with detecting threats that my job will go obsolete. Also a lot of job offerings require knowledge of directly preventing attacks, not just detecting them.

What do you think, should I be worried about the future? Ultimately, I want to become freelancer, but there is no demand for my skills, which makes sense because the role is very operational, and freelance gigs are often one time projects.

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