noob here: Is it possible to have a short password , and still be safe from dictionary attacks?


Have you considered !

I know that this is not the answer people want to hear but technically yes. If you make a password that is lets say 8 characters and every single character in that password is from a different language, the key space that the dictionaries would have to use and compute with XOR attacks or join attacks would be massive. Also with a dictionary attack most of the time a single dictionary is used at a time, so the attacker would have to know that you are using 8 languages within your password.


Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, some money symbol, pinyin, welsh, Greek.

Check to see how long it will take to crack your password

I do not support the use of short passwords but wanted to give a more technical answer, always use 2fa if you can and a password generator.

Lastly, may I add that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain and I believe your mother would say the same.