Is ageism a big thing in cybersecurity?


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Generally no, but I'd imagine there may be some apprehension about hiring someone who is apparently young on paper because they associate age with experience.

Don't get me wrong, there are some incredibly talented individuals ranging in age from their teens up to their 70s in cybersecurity, so there will definitely be other aspects and deciding factors at play here too. Potentially you could even be presenting as overqualified for a role and the perception there is that you wouldn't stay long if you were a successful applicant. If you need to start out at entry-level roles, ALWAYS make it clear in the interviews why you're going for entry level and what your professional development plans are.

One memorable experience I had when we were advertising for IR in an old job of mine was dealing with a young "hotshot" applicant who was still in Uni. While they were quite impressive on paper, their claims did not entirely translate into demonstrated skills. Rather than demonstrating their skills to us, they approached the entire application process as if they were doing us a favour somehow by applying and they came across as incredibly arrogant and difficult. They may have had great skills and potentially the ability to use them, but they came across as an absolute liability to the team because they would be difficult to work with and difficult to manage. In the end we cancelled their interview and withdrew our invitation when they expressed no desire to attend or participate during normal business hours and instead wanted us to bend over backwards to accommodate them.

I also had a different applicant claim to be a "Linux guru" but when presented with a CLI instead of Gnome/KDE/Unity/MATE/Openbox/Any GUI they clearly had no idea what they were doing at all. It's always better to be humble and explain what you do and don't know (and how you would find out if you don't know).

So in short, be conscious of how you're presenting yourself aside from just having the skills.

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