Cyber security analysts, what do you do on a daily basis and do you enjoy your job?


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Not an analyst but working through access control solutions (IE: X network is rolling out a new tool and needs multifactor authentication but can't get to the internet or much of our network, how can we do it? What if we can't - what risks does that present?). Rolling out Antivirus aka EDR. Managing existing IDS tools. Working with SOC on what should be flowing to them.

Job is fine, unexciting unless the SOC has a red alert and needs extra help. Industry pays well for what it is. Some bigger organizations add miles of red tape that suck to work through. If you are just getting into the field, highly recommend an organization under 5k total employees but probably not a startup until in the field for a bit.

Some people are passionate about it. I care enough to get the job done and learn outside of work, but it's just a job. But the moment I have enough money to retire (certainly before usual retirement age as this industry pays well) I'm out of here and will do something outside. Grind stumps or white water raft or guide ATV tours. Even mow lawns like I did during college summer breaks.

"analyst" titles are easier to earn than "engineer" but depends on the organization what you actually do. Analyst roles tend to do more excel, compliance, audits, paperwork etc which is more boring than actually running the tools. Granted, running the tools may me on-call duties but it generally pays more, is a more enjoyable work week, etc.

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