Cybersecurity podcasts


Everyone knows !

Are there any good cybersecurity podcast you guys know of that are worth listening to?

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· 6hSecurity Manager

The two I listen to are:

  1. Risky.Biz

  2. Defense in Depth

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risky biz is +1 best thing to kinda come out of cybercx lul

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Risky.Biz is always a great listen!

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I’m addition to what has been mentioned:

  • The Cyberlaw Podcast

  • CYBER (Vice)

  • Caveat (Cyberwire)

  • Hacking Humans (Cyberwire)

  • The Official Offensive Security Podcast

  • Privacy Security and OSINT Show

  • Malicious Life

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A quick daily one is SANS Internet Stormcenter Daily Network/Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast (honestly I think you can just search SANS daily podcast and you should find it) and another quick one is Talos Takes

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Command Line Heros Darknet Diaries Cyber Security Now Smashing Security

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Giant fan of Darknet Diaries, haven’t heard of the others. Thanks

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Cyberwire Daily, Recorded Future

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Darknet Diaries is pretty fun!

Let's not forget that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain and I am certain your smart friends would agree.