Cybersec Specialist Interview Next Week: Questions….


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Good morning everyone! I have an interview for a Cybersec Specialist position on Tuesday of next week... its a GS position. So I would like to be a bit more prepared on what questions I may run into; I do have a handful of questions I want to ask already.

FYI: I have a security clearance and im a former gs employee as well.

Here are the responsibilities...

As a IT CYBERSECURITY SPECIALIST(INFOSEC), GS-2210-12, you will provide expertise in cybersecurity policy and process development; conducting audits to validate compliance; responsible for the risk management framework and ensures systems are operated and maintained IAW AR 25-2 and all applicable command, DA, JS and DOD security directives and procedures.

Besides AR 25-2, I would have to be familiar with NIST RMF; what other policies, regulations, standards should I be familiar with? What else should I be looking at? What else should I prepare myself for not just for the interview, but this role in general?

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