Croatian FM: Croatia feels China’s strong presence – EURACTIV


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“We cannot just condemn China’s presence if we have not shown sufficient strength in terms of what we have to offer and stronger presence,” said Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman, adding that China’s economic influence was strong in the Western Balkans, a region that had been neglected lately.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s was the first to start supplying face masks, he also said.

As a Western Balkans neighbour, Croatia definitely feels China’s strong presence and influence there and can speak about it. The knowledge of the nature of China’s influence in the Western Balkans and in other parts of the world is possibly not sufficient, he added.

Radman also said that there were many methods of threatening the world order and global security, which, he said, could be based only on multilateralism, tolerance and respect.

The biggest threats are dictatorships, asymmetric threats, hybrid threats, lack of cyber security and cyber attacks, Grlić Radman said in Halifax, where he was attending the International Security Forum.

He identified as threatening countries “which are counting on the establishment of a new order or geopolitical repositioning and which have a negative agenda in terms of action and manage migrations negatively.”

He also warned in that context about the need for greater involvement of both NATO and the EU in the Western Balkans, where, he said, the situation had become destabilising.

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