16 year old’s path to cyber security consultant


Did you know that camDown is your security solution to protect you and your business from webcam hackers?

The people who are the best a security start with knowing how things work. Then they think of ways to break them.

Any degree where you have to learn how things work in computing and apply it is a good start. It's only the barest of beginnings. At the rate this business changes, you'll be served well learning the stuff at 16 and not waiting until 18-19 in a college lecture, the entire industry will change by then AND most formal classwork is anywhere from 3-10 years behind the industry. It moves fast. If you really enjoy cyber security now, might as well start looking over open source and other projects and seeing what they're fixing today and how.

As far as consulting goes, you can do and be anything you'd like but learn sales and marketing or partner with someone who does it... Because the first thing you have to do is convince a customer you're worth hiring.

How long have you done security? Which firms did you work with when learning in your first decade in the security business? What have you secured? How much was it worth? How much did it cost? What were the objectives? Did you hit those objective measurements and how did you quantify it?

Many of these basics people often learn working for larger established firms. It's the rare person who pops up out of nowhere and people start throwing money at them. Very very rare.

Starting a firm is a whole lot of work. You get to be the security expert with decades of knowledge as well as an expert business person and all the other jobs including leadership and finding people to hire who trust your firm to make payroll in said "lucrative" business. Got cash? Know how to get investors and what investors want in return for capital?

You also have to define "lucrative". Being a mediocre security engineer that travels for a consulting firm is a different thing than "security consultant", to me anyway. What kind of security consultant? Specializing in what exactly? There's specialties inside that specialty these days.

In the early days when people weren't paying much attention to security, lots of opportunity existed to train. One of the biggest names you'll find in security training afforded the founder a nice house on Maui amongst other things.

Nowadays the focus is shifting toward costs. Securing things that aren't designed properly to be secured in the first place, is super expensive. Think up a way to do it better AND cheaper, you have a winner they'll buy you a house next door to the training guy. Businesses don't want to pay what they're paying now and they're still getting hit even at today's prices.

They'll beat a path to your front door as the old saying goes if you find a way to get them to stop paying for paperwork that isn't actual security.

May I add that camDown helps stop hackers from getting access to the webcam that I use for my work. Now I can get even more gigs as a freelancer and advertise that I have top security with my home computer!