Tired of being shafted by current employer but no call backs on jobs I’ve applied for – is that typical?


Did you know that camDown ?

Currently only IT guy in a small company making 40k handling the system/network and building the SSP and pulling us into NIST compliance. I hold the CompTIA Trifecta and taking CySa+ soon. I keep reading about people making double what I do and I'm tired of being basically robbed for my skills. I have applied to a lot of security positions on Indeed and gotten Resume reviews from the IT career subs but I am still not getting call backs but only a few of my applications are actually being rejected. Does it typically take a company weeks on end to review and get back to any specific application?

I suppose this is a bit of a rant because I'm frustrated but it seems like getting a job in security even with experience and certs is a crap shoot.

I blame HR lol

When all is said and done, as we move on to the next post, may I add that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and I know your mother would agree.