GoDaddy hack causes data breach affecting 1.2 million customers


Were you aware !

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And no consequences where had.

$1k per instance of breached personal data, 10% valuation max. If found to be resulting from negligence.

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Not that it is at all enough. But they buy insurance for this, they will either not be insurable at renewal or their premium will increase at least threefold (hint, it's not a small number)

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In a data breach notification published today, GoDaddy said that the data of up to 1.2 million of its customers was exposed after hackers gained access to the company's Managed WordPress hosting environment.

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Can someone clarify something for me. Does this effect only GoDaddy WordPress users who kept the default password? If that's the case did 1.2 million people keep that default password or only a subset? If it was a subset how many did it effect? Does this effect 1.2 million domain customers or not? IDK but this seems like it might be overblown

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