Is it normal to not get any new training in a new job?


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Hello guys,

Just entering my second job ever in the cyber security industry (2 months in) and its sort of a long story but I feel like I have been dumped loads of work without any instruction/how-to or mentorship on how to go about completing these tasks or introduction to the company infrastructure. Unfortunately, my imposter syndrome has grown significantly since newer employees have joined and don't seem to have a problem adapting (as a matter of fact they're getting praise). I am losing sleep over my pile of tasks and not able to keep up with my outside life. I don't feel respected and it makes me feel like they think I am a slacker even though I am working hard to understand my duties. Is this unique to the company, or is it a me problem in this case? I have a hard time believing its the company (which is a startup) just because of inner insecurities/imposterism, but I am not sure, what does it sound like to you guys?

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