Can’t Stand Cybersecurity in an MSP trying to be an MSSP


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I got hired as an L1 Security Analyst 3 months ago. Essentially, my job functions mostly amount to delving skin-deep into badly configured SIEMs [with minimal network topologies], Antivirus Policies, prepping for SOC 2 Audit level documentation [God, can you say bored out of my mind?], and phishing tickets.

On top of which, I dunno if it's common to use ticketing systems in cybersecurity....but I have to log every minute of the day as it happens. Literally every minute. Feels like prison.

Now, I'm a noob. My degree [AAS] is mostly in programming: Python, C++, Java, TSQL, etc, but I happened to go to a Cybersecurity conference for college in 2019 and chased down a big name in global Cybersecurity for 2 years and through a pandemic to get an internship. This dude told me he robbed banks for a living, and I was sold.

Due to this internship I got, I was hired after 1 phone call by a midrange MSP who wanted to become an MSSP. 18 clients, and 50 employees to cover all of their Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Monitoring, Filtering, Networking, etc, etc. And we have 1 CISSP. A 2-man SOC /IR/TH/Compliance team.

The company is hiring a CISO and a CIO soon, so maybe that will change things.

In my internship, I had a blast. Mostly in Red Teaming labs, but I also enjoyed Linux and AWS.

Here, there is little structure, and I fulfill menial tasks to free up the CISSP. He says I'm helping him...But he can also barely speak English. Even when I learn stuff from him, it's often in mangled English which just confuses me.

At the same time, I need the money and feel like this is just a ridiculously lucky break, even though I feel dead inside while working.

I'm thinking about getting my CySa+ to make myself more valuable for a company jump, maybe trying a different company, maybe a real corporate role instead of an MSP pretending to be an MSSP.

I want to give Cyber another shot, but I'm also planning on pursuing my bachelors in Software Development, then an MBA. Cybersecurity seems like just a perpetual losing battle of trying to find needles in needle stacks. I've felt the urge to want to build something, and I've also quite enjoyed connecting agents to cloud platforms and messing with servers. I seem to like Networking more, but it's not as valuable, right.

My real dream is just to be financially free to determine how I spend my own time, as selfish as that may sound. If I want to spend all day playing video games, I want to have purchased that right. The only way to do that is to stop trading time for money, but until I reach that point, I gotta do the double grind right. Study + 45 hours a week.

I could buy a house with my gf by April if I keep this job. Then work part time and bulldoze the B.S. and MBA. I guess I want someone to tell me to quit, haha....

Any advice?

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