Help understanding my future with Cyber Security.


Did you know that camDown ?

Hello, I'm a college student in New York, in my third year of college. I have an associate's degree in Cyber Security, and the BAS I'm pursuing is Computer Science and Information Security. I don't have any internships, or certificates and all my computer experience is from school work and projects.

I primarily had chosen Cyber Security, because I'm not the best with programming and Cyber Security seemed like a much cooler field to me. I think penetration testing as a white hat hacker is pretty cool job, as well as knowledge that can be used in my everyday life since computer and technology is more and more prevalent with each passing day.

I have heard from many sources that a college degree in this field isn't as important as experience or certificates. I want to finish my degree, but I don't want to be stuck having trouble finding a job out of college. Just looking for advice as to how my future looks, and what I can do to get myself more of a chance of landing my first security job.

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