How do tech companies protect endpoints used by developers/engineers?


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How do big tech cos and well-known Internet startups protect the notebooks/desktop endpoints used by their highly technical folks (i.e., engineers) from INTERNAL threats? Think companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Reddit, Dropbox, ByteDance, ...

The conflicts that I see is that endpoint protection tools traditionally used by big companies (think Windows Defender, Symantec EP, Sophos Endpoint) may be ...

  • (a) too restrictive in blocking software and thereby impact technical folks in their work

  • (b) at the same time ineffective against a motivated technical insider who can find ways to circumvent the software

  • (c) even more ineffective if said technical user has elevated system privileges due to their role

So, do highly technical folks at the mentioned companies have the same endpoint protection tools installed on their endpoints as "business users"?

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