U.S. government launched a new push to hire cybersecurity talent. Some positions earning as much as the Vice President


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I’ve worked in the security sector for 10 years within the government, just recently left because of the widening pay gap. This is good, but it is not enough, and it needs to be applied to departments and agencies not under the direct purview of DHS/CISA.

Time and time again, I’ve seen great people poached from us at 2-3x the salary by Amazon, Google, and Facebook. With how bad the politics have gotten, and after wading through the bureaucratic nonsense to get my team a $2Million increase in funding this last year (the teams first funding increase in over 10 years) I threw in the towel and did the same and left for big tech. I am very nervous for the nations cyber security response, I’ve seen some really good talent leave over the years and be much less stressed/less overworked/better compensated after leaving federal service.

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