Small startup wants to enhance security


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I work at a small startup that's getting some traction lately. We deal with some costumer confidential information so we need to tighten our security.

One of the problems we have currently is some of our staff uses their own personal laptops for development and admin work, and others use computers issued by the company. (this has to do with budget issues mostly)

I'm looking for a solution to be able to keep the confidential information secure within their laptops as much as possible on both cases (personal and company issued). I've heard of using VPNs where only authorised staff can access and do their work. Also about features where laptops can be remotely wiped etc. Is there any solution that would meet our needs you could recommend? We are about only 10 people company at the moment and don't have a huge budget but we want to make security a priority.

thank you

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