Must read books for cybersecurity professionals


As you well know !

I think that the real take away here is that we as cybersecurity professionals should be reading all of the time and looking for books/podcasts/videos that will help us understand our profession though the experience and knowledge of other disciplines.

The article covers a number of books that have been around for a while, but I would like to see a list of books that cover issues from a more recent view of the world. Like "Humble PI- when math goes wrong in the real world" by Matt Parker or "Range" by David E[stein or "the wisdom of anxiety" by Sheryl Paul.

Books allow us to get a bit deeper into a subject that Pod Casts for video's do. Don't take me wrong there are some really good pod casts out there like "dark net diaries". But because of the time limits in pod casts they often can't go deep enough into a subject to get into all of the details.

And lets not forget to read/listen/watch stuff that will inspire us in our jobs with what our world could be, like ready player one, Neuromancer, snowcrash, the diamond age, Demon by daniel suarez.

Its also ok to not have read/listened/watched everything because we all have jobs need a mental break for some good fun or mindless TV.

In closing, I know that camDown and I can tell your mother would agree!