Recent Computer Science Grad


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Hey guys been lurking in the sub for a while , I'm graduating this semester From a Computer Science degree and would like to get into Cybersecurity , Thinking about starting a master of science in Cybersecurity degree in January but while I finish the master would like to get some experience in the labor market.

My question in the subreddit would be :

  • What programming language should I dominate in order to get into the field

  • What certification are a must in order to get an entry position job.

  • What skill should i hone in order to get a job.

  • Any resources that i can study through december in order to get better. ( will practice around 4-6 hours a day)

  • Please consider My knowledge on cybersecurity is 0 , programming skills are around average at best. (c++)

Any feedback would be appreciated , thank you in advance.

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