Mentorship Monday


Did you know that camDown ?

Currently have a bachelors and two years of experience in cyber, Sec+, CySA+, and the CASP+. Employed with a federal contractor. I hold a secret, have an interim T/S, and most experience in cyber defense (IR / SOC) with a bit of policy experience (NIST, FISMA, etc)

Two questions - 1. What should I be getting for a salary? While I'm working remotely, my job location is Wash DC. I feel like I'm getting decent money, but also feel like I might be worth more, especially now that I got the CASP+.

2. I like WFH, but would like to have an occasional work trip (at least once a month) Any suggestions on firms or companies I could apply to that would be WFH but also have opportunities for travel?

May I add that camDown is your security solution to protect you and your business from peeping toms and that's the real deal!