Is this realistic to change career into at 40yo


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Hi all, seeking for your opinion and insights about changing my career into IT preferably in cyber security.

I am turning 40 next year, spent 10 years in hospitality and 3 years in sales (casino and financial). However I am getting sick of my job, and figured out I really need to get out of this.

As someone who's quiet into technology, I begin to consider the possibility for me to get into the field. But because I did not hold a qualification nor certificate in the industry, i understand I will need to put in a lot of effort, in order to be able to compete with a lot of experienced and fresh graduate with degree. I really want to know, is it realistic for me to take this path? Or I should really try to find the passion in my current role and move on.

If it is realistic, can anyone please let me know if my plan sounds ok to you.

  1. Obtain CompTIA A+ certificate, security+ and network+, in order to land a IT help desk level 1 job

  2. Learn as much on the job, in the meantime learn program languages such as Python and R

  3. Aim to get OSCP then CISSP after 5 years

Any ideas are welcomed, there won't be any harsh feeling 🙂

Thanks in advance.

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