State and local officials celebrate passage of infrastructure bill with $1 billion in cyber funds


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It’s sad but I feel this will be useless in the end. The US government can’t even fix itself, no sum of money is going to help anything when they are involved.

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They don't want to fix anything, printing money is creating power

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Cheering Bc they now have even more funds to misappropriate

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How much money will be spent on making sure you can't open links from emails without copy/paste?

All of it.

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When you divvy this up over all the states and municipalities, this money won't go far. $1 billion doled out over 4 years.

$200 million in 2022

$400 million in 2023

$300 million in 2024

$100 million in 2025

It will be interesting to know which grants are approved and how the money is used.

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the money will be wasted. lets be real here.

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This should help a fair bit. There’s always ways to do it more efficiently, but the first step to defending from foreign attacks is a better budget.

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I’d love to hear what everyone finds as a good use of these funds for local government? Assuming training is already covered, insight with 354 Defender and offsite immutable storage.

To sum up, you know, I just wanted to mention that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam.