Mock interview for cybersecurity


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Here's an example of an organization asking me for writing samples to discuss at the interview

Exercise 1: Campus Wide Communication Please compose a writing sample of a campus wide communication. The purpose of the communication is to inform that a new service or software system has been implemented and is available for use. For this exercise, your knowledge or accuracy as it pertains to the technology is not a factor. A real work example is acceptable. If you need information to complete this task, feel free to use your own imagination and innovation to fill in any blanks. The form of the communication is email.

Exercise 2: Risk Mitigation Your network has been infected by malware. If possible, provide an example where you analyzed a network attack and defined a risk mitigation strategy. What was the outcome? Your deliverable is to walk me through your mitigation process at a high level. If you do not have a real example, feel free to use your own imagination and innovation. Please limit to no more than three paragraphs.

Exercise 3: PPT For an organization where an information security program does not exist, what are the most critical information security initiatives to implement as they relate to: People, Process, and Technology? Rank your top three. Please limit your response to no more than three paragraphs.

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