Which tool for directory enumeration is your favorite and why?


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Powerview and bloodhound

Powerview creates handy cmdlets(inc great priv esc ones) + has great enum capabilities!

Bloodhound makes complex object relationships easier to understand to the human eye.

Thought it said Active directory enumeration...


I use gobuster as my goto, ffuf is good, but I dont think the tool matters as much as the approach, understanding the tool, its quirks and how it works/configured is the most important.

You want to make sure youre tweaking the tool to limit requests in the case of WAF/DDOS protection etc. if required.

You want to make sure your tool shows you the length of the response and the status code, sometimes you get a 30but the page actually loads, so you ignore it, thinking its empty, you want to know how the tool reacts to this and know yourself when its not doing it right and make sure you have all the information.

You want to use the right wordlist, with the right tweaks, i.e adding certain extensions and stuff, for the right tech, i.e not much point looking for asp.net on a linux box, as it would be unusual! So finding the right wordlst and extension combination is important, and lets say your wordlst is 1mil in length, and you add an extra extension it doubles... you need to be careful with what extras you set as it will increase time to complete and reduce stealth etc.

...and many more things, but they come with experience and educated guessing.

Hope this insight helped!

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