From red to blue


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Contrary to what the other poster stated, I've found penetration testing more lucrative than threat response, vulnerability management and security engineering.

Blue feels extremely repetitive - unless someone fucked up big time it's the same old weekly cycle for the most part. There are occasional moments of interest, but it felt very samey to me which I disliked immensely.

Penetration testing can feel a bit samey if you're in house - you will be testing the same systems year in, year out. If you're at a larger organisation this is less likely, but you will eventually test the same systems. API testing can get boring, especially if you have a solid in-house application security team and issues are identified and remediated prior to release. It's a good thing, but it makes it less interesting as a tester.

If you're strictly on the red team side of penetration testing and are allocated time for research, this is where it gets more interesting. Some of the most fun I have experienced in any role is being allowed free reign to just go ham. This can be extremely varied and feels really rewarding.

As far as cons go, the personal time invested into learning and upskilling is insane. I am lucky my partner is very understanding (mostly because she knows I get paid well as a result), but it can be trying at times. I've pushed myself pretty hard and it can be exhausting. Pretty sure I've burnt out a couple of times as a result, but it has been well worth it.

Being a great red reamer / penetration tester will make you a great blue teamer and I've seen people dip between the two and back at varying times. So if it interests you, take a crack at it and see where it leads you!

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