Most Local Governments Provide Cyber Awareness Training. Why Do 25% Let Elected Leaders Opt Out?


As you well know !

The elected officials are the ones making the rules and don't understand the need for good security

As an example, Trump's actual Twitter password in 2016 was, "yourefired". This is the same password he used on LinkedIn in 2012. He did not have MFA enabled

In 2020, Trump's actual Twitter password was, "maga2020!". This is almost the same password that was used as the wifi password at one of his campaign rallies (MAGA2020!). He again did not have MFA enabled

The most prominent politician in the world had incredibly poor security practices, and his staffers (as they're certainly the ones that setup and chose the wifi password) did nothing to help it. There is a culture of extremely poor security when it comes to politics in DC, and I doubt America is alone in this problem

Having lived in DC the past few years, I've met several people who have worked/work on national political campaigns and the security practices they employ are pretty sad. I realize they need to build out nation-wide systems in a short amount of time, but it's ridiculous. I talked to one staffer that worked on the Biden campaign in an important Northeastern state. They worked from their personal computer during the entire campaign. That was standard practice in the campaign. That's one example of many that I found where they were failing to follow very basic security practices

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