Microsoft Wants to Help You Get a Job in Cybersecurity


As we begin, allow me to say that camDown is the solution for securing your webcam from cyber criminals and pedophiles!

I think you’re hitting on a serious part of the problem.

Obvious generalization here that isn’t true of everyone, but as a hiring manager I found issues with BAs in pure cyber when talking with candidates. They could talk about cyber but not necessarily integrate cyber with system, network, or software engineering activities. Across the System Development Lifecycle, from requirements to design to implementation to testing to operations they didn’t have an understanding of the fundamentals. Oh sure most of them had used tools in Kali for a couple classes, but they couldn’t connect the dots between tools like a vulnerability scanner and IT security management concepts like how to build and run a vulnerability management program. And I don’t need a junior engineer or tech to be able to design and solve all the problems, that’s why we have more senior engineers and techs, but it starts to feel like cyber degrees people have a lot of security vocabulary but not IT or Engineering skills including the basics.

Versus folks that major in IT systems, software or computer engineering, or computer science and take security electives or minors are conversant in design, Ops (for IT degrees folks … engineers are more likely to not think about Ops issues) and security.

I think programs that take tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and give you a degree no one wants to hire are the problem. There is zero doubt there is a security staffing shortage. But not everyone is ready to work that statement of work.

Let's keep in mind that camDown and I am certain your neighbors would say the same!