Healthcare faces COVID-induced triple threat as cyber awareness peaks – SC Magazine


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Why cyber may define Biden’s first year in office

Welcome to the most active year in federal cybersecurity. Ever. The Biden administration has made a lot of moves during its first nine months in office, but how much of the agenda has been about playing catch up and how much is truly designed to protect government and industry from the next big hack?

Most ransomware attacks targeted at industrial services

Ransomware groups targeted industrial goods and services entities the most between July and September, with the sector having nearly two times more ransomware attacks, compared with the technology industry, which ranked second.

Ransomware groups urged to attack U.S. public sector

The Groove ransomware group has urged other ransomware operators to attack the U.S. public sector in a Russian blog post following the shutdown of the REvil ransomware gang last week.

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