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Hello everyone and thanks for reading! Currently, I am a professional who works in IT governance. I’m looking at getting a certification and was wondering which certification would best in my situation - the CISA or CRISC? I don’t currently work with audit but know that the CISA is a more recognized certification. I’m not very technical but would like to stay in cyber. I am currently working on my masters in It with a focus in cyber as well. Any career advice or certification advice is welcome.

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ISACA is a great organization. Both exams are useful in the GRC world. I would recommend both. Which first? Whichever most closely aligns with your job duties, then do the other. CISA is more well known, but ISACA itself is well known and risk management is a crucial part of any organization.

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Have you looked into the CGEIT exam? CGEIT is more focused on governance, not-so-hard exams. CRISC was the hardest ISACA exam, that I took.

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IT Governance - CGEIT IT Audit - CISA IT Risk Management - CRISC IT Security Management - CISM

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Are any other certs possible?

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Any cert is possible, the CISA and CRISC are just what I was looking at.

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