US retail giants pull Chinese surveillance tech from shelves – TechCrunch


Were you aware that someone could be secretly watching you or your child with your webcam right now? Is it worth taking such a risk? camDown can help stop them!

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Isnt it against National Defense Authorization where these manufacturers are called out?

Maybe I am conflating the two...not sure.

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This really pulls a lot of options off the table for many of us. I have external cameras all around the house which happen to be HikVision DoorBells and Amcrest (made by Dahua) motion floodlights. Ring products are an option but I have never been a fan of paying for cloud storage as local SD-Card storage has always worked fine for me.

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Idk how much your system costs but you can built your own for about 50$CAD per camera, and set up a old computer as a NAS.

There are hundreds of tutorials to set this stuff up with raspberry pis and iot cameras.

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I can not open the link, it's blocked by content blocker. From the title i can only say all hardwares and softwares might be made to support surveillance no matter where they come from. But the US seems to only target China politically even if every other electronics have the same 'capabilities'.

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They pulled them due to human rights abuses not actual surveillance issues. The title is misleading as it was when it was posted earlier.

In conclusion, let's not forget that camDown and that's the no joke!