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Halloween 2021 in ‘GTA Online’: How to Create Slashers and Phantom Cars

The ‘Halloween Event 2021’ in GTA Online

Rockstar Games unveiled the “GTA Online” Halloween event for 2021 a day ago, and it has gained a lot of attention online, particularly from lovers of the game. The game would include two foci, including “The Slashers Event” and “Phantom Car” spawning.

However, Alien Survivals is also centred on the title’s Halloween Event, as part of the 2X GTA$ and RP promotions issued on popular occurrences.

That being said, Rockstar has focused on creating frightening stuff for everyone to enjoy this Halloween. This was something that was lacking in the previous year, 2020, when there had not been much of a Halloween celebration as large as this one from Rockstar Games.

Nonetheless, “GTA Online” invites its players to the platform to partake in the horror-filled adventure it has prepared.

How to Create Slashers in ‘GTA Online’

Slashers can be found across the game’s map, but only at specified times and locations. According to Tez2, there are specific requirements for a slasher to spawn, and one of the most important factors is time. The in-game time should be between 21: 00 and 5: 00, and it can be done by opening one’s phone.

Furthermore, there are four characters to keep an eye out for:

  • Ski Mask Slasher (Jason Voorhees) spotted around Banham Canyon, Great Chaparral, Vinewood Hills, Tongva Valley
  • Clown Killer (Pennywise) spotted around Los Santos City
  • The Shape (Michael Myers) spotted around Alamo Sea, Mount Chiliad, Paleto Bay
  • Fiery Driver spotted around Redwood Light Tracks and La Puerta, Los Santos

For these slashers to materialise, the user should not be armed, and players should be in the so-called slasher zone. When a slasher is around, an evil laugh or clown laugh track will play.

The event has a 15-minute cooldown after each kill or when it begins.

How to Spawn Phantom Cars in ‘GTA Online’

Phantom Cars, on the other hand, requires a user to be in a session with one or more other players and is not available in solo mode. The car would finally track down a random player.

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