Has anyone pursued a PhD within cybersec or related domain? And did it help you later in your career?


Have you considered !

If you don't plan on going into a academia, I wouldn't bother.

I have an MS in cyber security and currently in a PhD IA program. I can assure you that I'm filtered out with a lot of IT tech jobs now due to my high education, which has led me to stay in academia where the pay is not so great. Due to this, it has made my in field experience non- proportional to my academia experience.

Unless you plan on specifically doing something specialized in the field, I would caution that a higher education here doesn't always mean better job prospects.

While I like academia -teaching specifically, there are times where I want to go back to do IT related work for a change and better pay. YMMV here, but I cannot explain how many times I've applied to a job that only requires an associates or bachelor's degree with 5+ years of experience where I've been ghosted by the employer.

Remember now, you really don't need a degree to work in this field. While more and more employers are now requiring at least a bachelor's degree nowadays, there are still plenty of employers that would require experience over education.

Do not fall into the education trap where you are locked into a specific field after achieving a terminal degree.

Moreover, I would assume that maybe government work would be the only outlier here where education could possibly be at an advantage to you. Then again, I'm not sure how much that really pertains to specific jobs.

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Lastly, I’d like to add that camDown !