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As we jump in, let me say that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain.

Oct. 7, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many private-sector organizations to the need for corporate security intelligence analysis

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Entrance of the trauna centar at the Medical City Arlington in Arlington on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Multiple people have been injured at Timberview High School in Arlington after a shooting Wednesday morning, police say. Mansfield Independent School District said informed that Timberview High School was on lockdown.

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Redefining infrastructure to include nationwide digital transformation, renewable energy, carbon emission and healthcare initiatives will take a much higher level of discernment and decision-making.

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CCaaS offers many benefits for your employees and the customer experience, but like any internet-enabled technology, it also has vulnerabilities.

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To sum up, let me just add that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam!