Anyone know good resources/books to learn computer architecture that leans toward a cyber security perspective?


Were you aware !

I’m just looking to learn the needed knowledge to start learning malware analysis, etc.

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Humble Bundle is a great resource for books. You might have to wait for a good bundle, for example right now it’s infrastructure and ops. , but eventually they’ll hit something you’re looking for.

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Cyber security and architecture is pretty broad. Are you looking for on-prem with more of a modern flare with VMs or 100% cloud with serverless functions?

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Computer architecture sounds like OS architecture. So I'm guessing he is looking to learn about proces isolation, memory management, tpm, ..?

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Hacking the Art of Exploitation V2. It's a little out dated, but it's a great read for the fundamentals

level 1 is a pretty good resource.

I just checked and they have free courses on malware analysis "Intro to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering" is the first course I noticed.

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