List of Cybersecurity Reports?


As you well know !

I am compiling a list of opensource cybersecurity reports. I tend to haphazardly find these through the news, but I feel like I could be missing good sources of information and could more systematically approach it. I'm mainly interested in data-driven reports on data breaches, threat landscape, and industry surveys as opposed to anything super niche (e.g. publications solely on Android security, zero trust, return oriented programming). I was thinking of aggregating some of the findings, but at very least I feel like creating a central list of resources could be helpful for the community. I've started a list here, but I was wondering if we could crowdsource some good sources of cybersecurity data, surveys, white papers, etc.?

  • Crowdstrike (global threat report, global attitude survey)

  • Verizon (data breach, cyber espionage report)

  • FireEye (M-trends, trendscape report)

  • Cisco (threat report, security outcomes)

  • Accenture (state of cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence)

  • McAfee (threat report)

  • Norton (cyber safety insights report)

  • US telecom (cybersecurity survey)

  • IBM (cost of data breach)

  • Pwc (cyber-threat landscape)

  • Risk-based security (end of year data breach survey)

  • Deep instinct (cyber threat landscape report)

  • Checkpoint (annual cybersecurity reports, weekly threat intelligence report)

  • Sonic Wall (cyber threat report)

  • Sophos (threat report)

  • ISACA (state of cybersecurity)

  • Aon (cybersecurity risk report)

  • Deloitte (cyber survey)

  • Trendmicro (cybersecurity report)

  • Australian Cyber Security Center (annual cyber threat report)

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