Two guys in Canada robbed a bar on Friday and took off together on a motorcycle.  But they had to ditch it after they crashed into a cop car that was chasing them.

One of them got arrested nearby, but the other guy took off on foot . . . and then decided his best chance was to swim to freedom. He jumped in a small lake, and tried to swim to the other side to get away.  But it turned out he isn’t a strong swimmer and couldn’t swim very fast. Two cops hopped in a pedal boat they found and started chasing him across the lake.  Another cop jumped in a canoe . . . and a fourth cop found a paddleboard to use. By the time they got to him, he was struggling to keep his head up, and close to drowning.  So they tossed him a life vest, pulled him out, and took him to jail.  No word on what they’re charging him with.