Home buyers worried about data privacy as realtors use prop-tech amid COVID-19 – Canadian Lawyer Magazine


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Tessa Anaya, the study’s analyst, recommended using cybersecurity software to safeguard personal information from email security threats, phishing, malware and bot attacks.

“Realtors should follow baseline security controls set forth by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, as well as familiarize their clients with these new technologies in order to avoid doubts about data safety and quell anxieties about the use of client data,” Anaya said in Capterra’s news release.

The pandemic’s impacts have included an upsurge in virtual tours, with 65 per cent of survey respondents being offered a virtual tour by their real estate agents. Before buying a property, 37 per cent met their agents in person more than once, 25 per cent met them only once and 10 per cent did not have a face-to-face meeting at all, which may suggest that prop-tech has helped to keep property hunters safe from COVID-19.

According to Anaya, virtual tour software can improve accessibility to real estate properties and can allow for customization ahead of purchasing, thanks to innovations such as virtual reality staging.

However, virtual tours also give rise to data privacy concerns. Among respondents to whom virtual tours were available, 42 per cent preferred to view the properties in person, citing worries such as personal data security (19 per cent), possible misrepresentation of a property (31 per cent), and technical problems (10 per cent).

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